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Wreck it Ralph



Okay, so this is the adorable story of what happens when the games arcade closes its doors at 5pm each day and the games come to life. It’s beautifully executed and all of the characters are brought to life in this fun film. It’s also an incredible picture of our identity and how we look at ourselves in comparison to others. In today’s world we have so many opportunities to allow guilt and condemnation to tell us who we are, or at least “who we should be”, when the reality is that our true identity is found within the life of Christ and we can access that life freely without any guilt or condemnation.

You can watch the trailer here.

As with all my other reviews, I highly recommend that you watch the film before you read any further as there will be spoilers from herein after.

Right, lets jump straight in. The movie follows the arcade game “wreck it Ralph” the aim of the game is for the player to control “fix it Felix” who rebuilds the building that Ralph destroys. At the end of the game, when the building is restored, Felix kills Ralph and the community celebrates.

Stop right there. I could write a whole blog just on this arcade game rather than the whole movie! Lets see….. well fix it Felix is a picture of The Lord. He restores his broken building by using a “magic” golden hammer. Gold is a picture of the divine nature worked into human beings through suffering. This is something that we see a number of characters from this film experience.  Gold is also one of the key building materials we see in Revelation 21 and 22. The building of God is made from Gold, Pearl and Precious Stone. The house in the arcade game is broken down, but is restored with Gold, where the community all live together.

Felix kills Ralph, and the community rejoice by giving Felix a medal. This is a picture of how The Lord has overcome Satan. He has been crowned The King and is the head of his Church. When the characters come to life after the game is finished they all celebrate the victory by having a feast! The Lord is our true celebratory feast. He has overcome death and we can freely eat, drink and enjoy him! Felix is also a picture of the new man. A while later in the film he meets a very broken woman (who reminds me of the Samaritan women at the well – as well as the bride of Christ). Her heart is broken and she has a very rough exterior. Felix loves her, regardless of her attitude or past. He eventually marries this woman, the bride. He is her groom.

Moving on, lets talk about poor old Ralph. He’s the bad guy and the community despise him. He is forced to live on the dump yard. He is not allowed into the building to live with the community. He’s not allowed to eat their food. Ralph is a picture of mankind, or Adam. He says a particular quote at a meeting where all the “bad guys” gather. I want you to stew on this for a moment it has so much depth to it:

“I am bad, and that is good. I will never be good, and that’s not bad. There’s no one I’d rather be than me”

Ralph is the bad guy who is always trying to be good, and he’s constantly failing at it. Sounds familiar right.

Lets stop to think about who we REALLY are. In reality we are:

1. Fallen human beings
2. We are sinners
3. We have failed Christ
4. We are apart of the old man
5. We are law breakers
6. We are scum
7. We are not worthy of anything Holy
I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.

Isn’t that wonderful??? We are bad, and that is good. We will never be good and that’s not bad.

How many times have you “tried” to be if good nature. Well, Ralph was a computer program, and he was not programmed to be good. Neither are we. We are born sinners – and that is good. We can never live (in our own strength) to be good, and that’s not bad.

What a load off! We will never be good, IN OUR OWN STRENGTH. And, listen to me, THAT’S NOT BAD! Why else do you think the King of the universe would come down to earth to die on a cross for us. Because it is only by HIS life that we can be good. We can never do it on our own strength.
So hang up your hat, stop trying in your own strength to be good, and look to your lord. Access his divine life, which lives within you and stop focussing or GOOD versus BAD. When we live from his life we are:

1. Worthy
2. Blameless and free
3. Righteous
4. Apart of the New man
5. Holy ones
6. Pure
This list goes on and on and on and on

We have been given a new life, and to quote Ralph

 “there is no one I’d rather be than the “NEW” me”

Ralph jumped ship, and entered a number of other video games where he “tried” to be the good guy. He failed time and time again. They were the wrong environments. It wasn’t until he entered the most unlikely of games (by accident) and met the most unlikely of characters that he began the journey of discovering his worth.

The little girl was called Venelope. Now, like Felix, she is also an outstanding picture of The Lord. When most of the other characters meet Ralph, they tremble in fear. Not Venelope, she accepts him for who he is. She doesn’t have a problem with him at all. Our Lord loves and accepts us! When he sees us, he sees his perfect pure princess, and she is worthy of all of his live and attention.

Venelope is rejected by all the characters in her game. No one likes her, she is an outcast. What we find out at the end is astonishing. Venelope is actually the rightful princess to the whole land. What had happened was another computer character disguised himself as the King and rewrote the program banishing Venelope. He changed the mindset of the other characters so that they too ignored Venelope.

Sounds a lot like our Lord. When he came to earth the rulers of the land banished him, he was deemed an outcast and rejected by his own people.

Venelope had a place that she called home. It was on the outskirts of the kingdom. This was her Bethany.

Long story short, Ralph helps Venelope cross the finish line; she is restored as princess of the Land. Ralph discovers that although he was programmed to be bad, he doesn’t have to be, he’s a good guy. Felix brought Ralph back to the right game, because the community discovered that they couldn’t function without Ralph. Just as the church cannot function without Christ. Sometimes Christ wrecks so that restoration and dependence can happen.

It was the last scene that almost, ALMOST, brought me to tears. Ralph said that his favourite part if the day was just before he got thrown off the side of the building (part of the game) it was his favourite part because he could see Venelope’s game, and he said “if that little kid likes me, how bad can I be?”

If the Lord Jesus Christ loves and accepts you and died a brutal death for you so you could be apart of the new man, the bride, the church, and his family and home……. How bad can you really be? The answer is, when you are in Christ, the word bad isn’t even in the dictionary.

Thank you Lord!

If you watched this film and saw some more sightings of Christ, please comment and share them below 🙂

Love you all!
Megan xx