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I’m not a fan of politics in real life or in movies. I’m also not a fan of movies that get my heart racing too much. Argo, therefore, was not a movie that I would normally be interested in. But a friend suggested it, so we watched it. Whilst I was watching it, I was so engrossed in the story and how I didn’t like it – that I didn’t see Christ at all. It was only when I got home and said to the Lord, man where were you amongst all of that? Boy, did he show me.

As usual, a bit of context about the story…

On November 4 1979 Iranian militants storm the US embassy in Iran. Over 50 people are taken hostage, however six Americans managed to escape and hide in the home of Canadian Ambassador, Ken Taylor (Victor Garber). Their escape was kept a secret and the American CIA explored several options for their rescue. Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck) is brought onto the case. He was inspired with an extraction idea when he was watching a sci-fi film with his son. He plans to create a cover story that the escapees are Canadian filmmakers, scouting “exotic” locations in Iran for the making of a sci-fi film.

The film follows Tony as he goes to Hollywood, devises a fake film and then poses as a producer for Argo when he enters Iran, putting himself in dangers way, to save the six Americans. The Iranian people discover that there are six people missing, and the price on their heads is certain death. This creates even more danger as almost every hostile Iranian was on the lookout for “Americans.” Being a part of a Canadian film crew, the six Americans need to quickly learn their new identities in order to successfully get through airport security. The trailer for this film can be seen here.

Now for the sighting…

Okay, so this was based on a true story; but I’m not talking about the one that happened over 30 years ago. I’m talking about the one that happened roughly 2000 years ago – Christ’s story.

As you know, there were six American hostages. The number six represents man – as man was created on the sixth day. The six Americans were trapped in Iran. Iran in this film is a picture of the world system. The evil one has dominion over the world just as the Iranian people were calling the shots in Iran at that time. We aren’t welcome in this world – especially being partakers of the Lord’s divine nature. The enemy greatly opposes us for being in His world – yet citizens of another. We, just like the Americans, are hostages in this world, and just like the six Americans, our penalty that awaits us is certain death.

The Americans were hiding in the Canadian Ambassador’s house. The Canadian Ambassador, Ken Taylor, is a picture of the church (not a physical building!) I say this, because we can take refuge in Her, and in her (the Church and the Body) Christ is found and Christ is our true refuge and safety. We can abide in Him in this dark, evil world.

The American CIA decided to send one of their own into Iran. Tony Mendez went into Iran and put himself in danger purely to save the lives of the six Americans.  He left everything behind, his family, his house, his country and his safety just so he could save the lives of the Americans. This is a picture of how the Lord left His home to come to the world and pay the price to return us back to Him.

Tony is a picture of Christ (the head). He had a plan to get the Americans out of Iran, or should I say the World and the Old Man, and return them to America. This plan was called Argo. To America, the six hostages were precious. They wanted them back, returned to their real home. This is a picture of how we are not from this world. It is also a picture of how our Lord is desperate for us to return to our real “home” which is Himself.

Tony went to Iran with a plan. The only way this plan was going to work was if the six hostages completely lost their old identity. There could be no trace of who they really were. The reason for this is that their old identities meant certain death. We were born into the Adamic race. This means that we were born sinners. Even if we never to sinned a day in our lives, we would still be deemed sinners. The fact that we sin is a reminder that we ARE ALREADY sinners. Not the other way around. These hostages had done nothing wrong (they were innocent human beings). Yet, there was a hefty price on all of their heads – death. Tony came to redeem them.

The hostages had to accept their new identity that Tony (Christ) gave them. We have been given a new identity in Christ, but the only way we can obtain it is if we completely lose our old identity. Our old man needs to die whole-heartedly. What is interesting is that Tony also lost his identity. He changed his name to Kevin and he became the seventh man. Seven is God’s number – it is a holy number. He completed them. Christ looks different today than he did when we walked the earth. He too, lost his old identity and took up a new one – a bigger one. One that included us! The Americans had to work together for their new identities to work. The plan would only work if each member functioned in his or her new identity. Our wonderful Lord has a plan, but it will only work if we completely drown ourselves in our new identity, which is found in Him.

Tony’s plan was risky. The Americans had to have faith in him that he would do what he said he came to do. To follow Christ is extremely risky. To give up everything such as your hopes, your dreams, your desires and your (old) IDENTITY. To follow Christ can be extremely daunting. Yet just like the hostages, if we don’t have the faith and follow him, we will surely be executed.

Tony prepared the six Americans so that they would know who they really were. The reason for this was because on the way home, there would be people who were going to attack their identity. They had to have grounding and a foundation in their new identity in order to withstand the enemy. The opposer will surely attack us from every angle. But if we have a strong foundation of our true identity, which is found in Christ, we will walk through unharmed. We are hidden in Christ.

Tony was in Iran for three days. Just like the Lord was dead for three days. Christ entered into death so that he could bring forth life. Tony also walked into death (Iran) and saved the lives of the six American hostages.

Now for my favorite part, this film was based on a true story. BUT this story was classified information until 1981 when it was declassified. What the Lord really did for us when he entered into death was a mystery kept for ages past. But, He has revealed to us his mystery. We now know exactly what he did for us when he gave up his life for us.

It wasn’t purely for redemption.

Yes, it included our forgiveness, but is also included the complete destruction of the old man and the enemy.

He triumphed over the law, rulers and authorities when he died.

His death included completely destroying the world system that holds us captive.

And through the triumph of all of the above, there is now NOTHING standing in between his perfect bride and Him. He can now have a body to express Him, a bride to love Him, a house to lay His head and rest and a family for Him to enjoy.

“And he made known to us the mystery of his will according to his good pleasure, which he purposed in Christ…” – Ephesians 1:9

What a knight in shining armor!

Megan x


Purpose according to Agent Smith

The Matrix – one of THE BEST films to see Christ. I could write a book about it. But I’d like to focus on one particular scene from The Matrix Reloaded. It’s about 30 seconds long, yet this scene hits the nail on the head. Why are we here? What is the reason for our existence? The answer? Purpose!! Not just any old purpose. His purpose, and His purpose is like Him – it’s eternal.

Agent Smith: There is no escaping reason; no denying purpose. Because as we both know, without purpose, we would not exist.
[Several Agent Smith Clones walk in]
Agent Smith Clone 1: It is purpose that created us.
Agent Smith Clone 2: Purpose that connects us.
Agent Smith Clone 3: Purpose that pulls us.
Agent Smith Clone 4: That guides us.
Agent Smith Clone 5: That drives us.
Agent Smith Clone 6: It is purpose that defines us.
Agent Smith Clone 7: Purpose that binds us.
Agent Smith: We are here because of you, Mr Anderson. We’re here to take from you what you tried to take from us.
Agent Smith: Purpose.

Wow! I am still trying to comprehend that there is an eternal “purpose”. We are only here because of His purpose. Without the eternal purpose, we would not exist! It never crossed my mind that there is more to life than “saving people.”  We weren’t created to put on fancy clothes and sit in a building for an hour once a week listening to a Sermon on how we can be better Christians. Crazy right? Stop to think for a moment, why oh why did this almighty God create the Human Race? Why oh why does He care about us so much? There MUST have been a REASON he created us! He must have had a PURPOSE in His creating……..

It is His purpose that created us – if he didn’t have a purpose or a plan, there would be no need for us at all! Just as Adam yearned for another one like himself, Christ longed for a Bride and an expression.

It is His purpose that connects us. When we get together and we meet, it’s for His purpose only! Not our own agenda. It’s all for Him, through Him, by Him and for Him. Even the eternal purpose has a purpose and as Ephesians says this is “purposed in Christ!”

His purpose pulls us together. We are instinctively drawn together for we share in His purpose. We were created to be His beautiful Church. We are His bride, His house, His family and His body. He wants an expression and we were created to express Him. His purpose guides us while we are here on Earth. His purpose extends beyond our time on Earth; it exists before time, during time and even after time. We don’t look to the world for guidance; instead, we look to our King. For when we look to Him for guidance, we put Him in His rightful place – as head. He is the head of His body, which is His Church.

Christ keeps us going, we grow strong in Him. When we meet, it is for Him. He defines our very existence. We are bound to Christ. Christ lives in all of us, and we are bound to one another because of Him. It is His life in us that draws us close to one another.

Just as Agent Smith was trying to take away Neo’s purpose, the enemy will try to desperately take away ours. He will do anything to take our eyes off of Christ’s purpose.  For when we focus on other “things” we lose sight of His purpose.

Without His purpose we wouldn’t have been created, we can’t be connected, we aren’t pulled together, we have no guidance or drive, we have no definition and we are certainly not bound together.

For His purpose,

Megan x