My name is Megan and this is my blog. The purpose of this blog is to write “movie reviews” with a difference. What I mean by that is I’ve found that Christ can be found outside of the walls of a Sunday Church meeting. He can be found outside of the bible, outside of worship even outside of prayer. When you truly look to see Christ – you will find him everywhere.

A special place for me to behold the Lord is when I watch movies. He is almost found in every single movie that I watch these days. I love it, because he’ll reveal more of who He is and my revelation of Him grows deeper and deeper the more I seek to find Him.

I hope that in reading these reviews, you too, will be able to see more of Christ in your everyday life. He is the author of creativity, even if those creating aren’t aware of Him. I welcome you to join in on these reviews. Watch these movies with a different purpose – watch them to seek and behold Christ and then share your insights with me 🙂 He is so vast he could never reveal all of Himself to just one person.

Apart from movie reviews, I will occasionally post other forms of “modern media” where I have caught a sighting of the Lord.

To see more and more of Him,

Megan Proctor


5 thoughts on “About

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    1. Danny McCulloch

      Hi Megan, I’m a bit overwhelmed! I don’t know too many folks who are as passionate about movies as I am and I certainly don’t know anyone who regularily sees the Lord and get’s a real sense of the Father’s heart in movies. So many times I’ve recommended movies to friends, trying to explain what I felt, but rarely find that anyone ‘gets it’. You’re left thinking “is it just me”? Let me recommend a movie that simply blew me away. Tears were rolling down my face at the end. I’ll not say anything about it just now and eagerly/hopefully await your review. The movie is WAITING FOR FOREVER (2009)


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