Hello my lovlies! 🙂 

I’m back from getting married, and honeymooning and settling into our new home! What a picture of our Lord this chapter of my life has been. Will have to save it for another post.

I wanted to jump straight back into movie reviews! So here goes 🙂 


I recently saw Dwayne Johnson’s new movie “Snitch” but what I really saw was a beautiful unveiling of the Lords life and nature. Instead of giving a synopsis of the film, here is a link to the trailer.

I’d highly recommend that you watch the film and then read my review, as there are many spoiler alerts below….

I’m going to jump right in and share this sighting with you all.

The film starts with The son making one very poor choice which saw him fall straight into the hands of the law. The decision, and its consequences, happened so quickly that he barely had time to breathe and the law had grasped him. This is a picture of when Adam made the decision to take a bite from the tree if the knowledge of good and evil. As soon as he took a bite, the law had taken him prisoner. Once the law had him, he was trapped. The son in the movie was facing a minimum of 10 years, unfortunately for us, our sentence is much longer.

What was interesting about his arrest was that his friend, who had sent the drugs, set him up and told the police that he was a fellow dealer. By pointing the blame he reduced his minimum sentence and as such had no problem ratting out his innocent friend. When Adam and Eve were first found, they too, instantly pointed the blame to one another.

This is the reality of the law. The law has two options, be good or be evil. Our sinful nature is a selfish nature and we only have our own interests at heart. “I want to reduce MY sentence”

The law wanted the son to set up one of his other friends so that they too would be arrested thus resulting in a reduction of his minimum sentence. The son refused to create a situation that would lead his friends into a trap. This act was a beautiful reflection of the lords life and nature. He denied himself a shorter sentence and was willing to pay the full price. This is a picture of our innocent Lord. Who in an instant became Sin and was willing to pay the price in order to save the world. The Son in the movie was abused, assaulted and harassed in prison. His character was never broken.

As soon as the son was in trouble, the love that the father had for him boiled over into a bold, daring, risking plan of self sacrifice. The son was not able to make the arrests so the father said that he would do it for his son. This reminds me that whilst Christ was on the earth he only did what he saw the father doing. It was the father working through the son. In the character of the father in the film, I also saw the nature of Christ. That is, willingness to put your life on the line so that the one you love would be set free from the constraints of the law.

Anyway, the father formulated this amazing plan where he would leave his home and enter the dark world of drugs. Christ left his home and became apart of our world (sin). The father in the movie not only had to enter the drug world, he had to become apart of it. He literally put his life on the line by become a drug cartel. Christ put his life on the line and became sin itself. All of this had to be done so that the son would be freed from prison. Just as Christ had to sacrifice his life so that we would be free from the law and sin.

Freedom was not the only thing the father was fighting for in the film, you see, if the son was released he would live a different kind of life. A higher life with his family in a home. This reminds me that The Lord had a higher purpose for sacrificing his life for us. He wanted to set us free from the law, but he also desired for us to live a higher life. He wanted to place his divine life within us, he wanted us to be apart of his family, to dwell with us and love us freely.


The movie ends with the son being released – however, for their own safety they need to go into the witness protection program. They’re given a new house, new identity, and are protected 24/7. WOW! This blows my mind, it’s like The Lord is our very own witness protection program. IN him we are given a new life, IN him we are given new identities, IN him we are given a new home, IN him we are safe, we are secure, no harm can come our way. He has overcome the law, and its effects can no longer hold us down. In the movie, the father overcame the drug cartel, he was placed into witness protection thus ensuring his shelter from any one in the cartel who would want to seek revenge.

Our enemy is always looking to seek revenge, but he can’t single us out as individuals, he can’t harm us, we are in Christ (we are in the witness protection program). What an awesome Lord.



3 thoughts on “Snitch

  1. therebuilders

    Great to see you writing again Megan! I have really missed your reviews/posts. I couldn’t go see this movie first since it is no longer showing in theaters here. The review is awesome and I will definitely watch it dvd!


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