Love – Happy Valentines Day


Hello all you lovely people.

First things first – I’m really sorry that I haven’t blogged in a while. Now would be the best time to inform y’all that I’m getting married in just 2 weeks. So things have been a bit busy, and they will be until the end of March. So this will be my last post (unless prompted otherwise) until then.

Love is a very interesting thing, so in the spirit of Valentines day I wrote you all a poem about Love. My hope is that we will stop trying to force it, to create it, to use it as a means of measurement of our relationships to one another. And instead, we will turn to True Love Himself – Christ. I mean, if you think about it, love only comes through abiding in Him who is Love.

Hello, my name is love, you may already know me,
I’m a fruit of the spirit, and I come from the tree.
There are many other fruits – joy, peace patience and kindness,
And also some more like self control and just goodness.
We can be charming and we can be sweet,
But focus just on us and we will rot in your teeth.
Not many know this so I’ll tell you the truth,
There are two trees to eat of, so don’t be aloof.
You can’t try to force me, that’s not how I work.
I am a by-product of Christ – it is Him you should search.
If you try to love in your own strength you WILL fail.
Perfect love is Christ himself not in you – you’re too frail.
Many will tell you that you must love one another to grow,
But I, love itself, will tell you it’s not so.
When you focus on Christ and shift away from me,
Then you will love one another so effortlessly.
You will be tempted to eat just the fruit,
Although it seems “good” it’s not from the root.
Consume yourselves in The Lord Jesus Christ
And the love you will encounter will reach to new heights
My name is love and I hope you will see
What good is fruit when there is no tree?


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