The love of Archie and Love of Christ


I don’t know how many times I’ve seen the cover of this Archie comic. We have them lying all over our house. I was a bit down the other day, and just wanted to be reminded that Christ is there, that he is still king and no matter what the circumstances he doesn’t abandon us. 

Then I glanced down, and there it was – this Archie comic on the floor.

 I was brought to tears! I felt so incredibly loved and adored from our saviour.

 You see, the woman in the comic is Christ’s beautiful bride. Archie who is a picture of Christ on this cover, left his post (which was higher up) to rescue the woman. That is exactly what our Lord did for us. He left his home, his post and came down to Earth to rescue us from being lonely.

The sign of the Lifeguard is a cross. The cross is a symbol that they save lives. The colour of the cross is red. What a picture of how his blood shed on the cross rescued us!! Also, the name LifeGuard is just another beautiful name for Christ. He guards our lives. Not our old, tired lives, our new life which is found in him. He guards it so closely and protects it! WOW! (PS this sighting was only seen right now.. as I was typing this blog!!) 

 The Chief Lifeguard is a picture of the law and the enemy. He is not too happy about the fact that the Love of the Lord compelled him to leave his post, and wrap his arms around his beloved woman. That didn’t stop Archie and it certainly didn’t stop Christ.

 What a beautiful reminder of his compassion and love. Thank you lord for this beautiful gesture! 

I’d love to hear about your sightings of Christ in this very simple picture 🙂 


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