A Shocking Truth

This is a poem I wrote a few months ago. I wrote this poem just after I had a revelation that nothing I have ever done, could ever do, and will ever do, will change how the Lord loves and accepts me.

I have turned it into a short clip, please watch it until the end.


15 thoughts on “A Shocking Truth

  1. Derek

    Hi Megan, this is a wonderful revelation of Christ and His work, it is also a wonderful experience of His creative Life through His Body !!

  2. Janine Cote

    Wow, as I was reading this through the first time, I was almost in tears! Then when you read it backwards it was as if the Holy Spirit fell in lovely waves all around me. This is one of the most amazing pieces of writing I have seen in a while. Thank you Lord for one who will patiently sit and write what could ( and is by the worlds standards) something that could, at first glace be so misunderstood. Only the Lord could have given you this, it will be printed in put in my journal along with many writings that awaken amazement in me at God’s goodness. Thank you my sister, God Bless you abundantly. Janine Cote

    1. meganproctor Post author

      Wow, thank you Janine!
      Isn’t it crazy how when something is read one way, it can be interpreted so wrong, but when it’s revealed in a different way, it speaks of truth and wonder!
      Thank you for your lovely comment dear sister! x


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