Wreck it Ralph



Okay, so this is the adorable story of what happens when the games arcade closes its doors at 5pm each day and the games come to life. It’s beautifully executed and all of the characters are brought to life in this fun film. It’s also an incredible picture of our identity and how we look at ourselves in comparison to others. In today’s world we have so many opportunities to allow guilt and condemnation to tell us who we are, or at least “who we should be”, when the reality is that our true identity is found within the life of Christ and we can access that life freely without any guilt or condemnation.

You can watch the trailer here.

As with all my other reviews, I highly recommend that you watch the film before you read any further as there will be spoilers from herein after.

Right, lets jump straight in. The movie follows the arcade game “wreck it Ralph” the aim of the game is for the player to control “fix it Felix” who rebuilds the building that Ralph destroys. At the end of the game, when the building is restored, Felix kills Ralph and the community celebrates.

Stop right there. I could write a whole blog just on this arcade game rather than the whole movie! Lets see….. well fix it Felix is a picture of The Lord. He restores his broken building by using a “magic” golden hammer. Gold is a picture of the divine nature worked into human beings through suffering. This is something that we see a number of characters from this film experience.  Gold is also one of the key building materials we see in Revelation 21 and 22. The building of God is made from Gold, Pearl and Precious Stone. The house in the arcade game is broken down, but is restored with Gold, where the community all live together.

Felix kills Ralph, and the community rejoice by giving Felix a medal. This is a picture of how The Lord has overcome Satan. He has been crowned The King and is the head of his Church. When the characters come to life after the game is finished they all celebrate the victory by having a feast! The Lord is our true celebratory feast. He has overcome death and we can freely eat, drink and enjoy him! Felix is also a picture of the new man. A while later in the film he meets a very broken woman (who reminds me of the Samaritan women at the well – as well as the bride of Christ). Her heart is broken and she has a very rough exterior. Felix loves her, regardless of her attitude or past. He eventually marries this woman, the bride. He is her groom.

Moving on, lets talk about poor old Ralph. He’s the bad guy and the community despise him. He is forced to live on the dump yard. He is not allowed into the building to live with the community. He’s not allowed to eat their food. Ralph is a picture of mankind, or Adam. He says a particular quote at a meeting where all the “bad guys” gather. I want you to stew on this for a moment it has so much depth to it:

“I am bad, and that is good. I will never be good, and that’s not bad. There’s no one I’d rather be than me”

Ralph is the bad guy who is always trying to be good, and he’s constantly failing at it. Sounds familiar right.

Lets stop to think about who we REALLY are. In reality we are:

1. Fallen human beings
2. We are sinners
3. We have failed Christ
4. We are apart of the old man
5. We are law breakers
6. We are scum
7. We are not worthy of anything Holy
I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.

Isn’t that wonderful??? We are bad, and that is good. We will never be good and that’s not bad.

How many times have you “tried” to be if good nature. Well, Ralph was a computer program, and he was not programmed to be good. Neither are we. We are born sinners – and that is good. We can never live (in our own strength) to be good, and that’s not bad.

What a load off! We will never be good, IN OUR OWN STRENGTH. And, listen to me, THAT’S NOT BAD! Why else do you think the King of the universe would come down to earth to die on a cross for us. Because it is only by HIS life that we can be good. We can never do it on our own strength.
So hang up your hat, stop trying in your own strength to be good, and look to your lord. Access his divine life, which lives within you and stop focussing or GOOD versus BAD. When we live from his life we are:

1. Worthy
2. Blameless and free
3. Righteous
4. Apart of the New man
5. Holy ones
6. Pure
This list goes on and on and on and on

We have been given a new life, and to quote Ralph

 “there is no one I’d rather be than the “NEW” me”

Ralph jumped ship, and entered a number of other video games where he “tried” to be the good guy. He failed time and time again. They were the wrong environments. It wasn’t until he entered the most unlikely of games (by accident) and met the most unlikely of characters that he began the journey of discovering his worth.

The little girl was called Venelope. Now, like Felix, she is also an outstanding picture of The Lord. When most of the other characters meet Ralph, they tremble in fear. Not Venelope, she accepts him for who he is. She doesn’t have a problem with him at all. Our Lord loves and accepts us! When he sees us, he sees his perfect pure princess, and she is worthy of all of his live and attention.

Venelope is rejected by all the characters in her game. No one likes her, she is an outcast. What we find out at the end is astonishing. Venelope is actually the rightful princess to the whole land. What had happened was another computer character disguised himself as the King and rewrote the program banishing Venelope. He changed the mindset of the other characters so that they too ignored Venelope.

Sounds a lot like our Lord. When he came to earth the rulers of the land banished him, he was deemed an outcast and rejected by his own people.

Venelope had a place that she called home. It was on the outskirts of the kingdom. This was her Bethany.

Long story short, Ralph helps Venelope cross the finish line; she is restored as princess of the Land. Ralph discovers that although he was programmed to be bad, he doesn’t have to be, he’s a good guy. Felix brought Ralph back to the right game, because the community discovered that they couldn’t function without Ralph. Just as the church cannot function without Christ. Sometimes Christ wrecks so that restoration and dependence can happen.

It was the last scene that almost, ALMOST, brought me to tears. Ralph said that his favourite part if the day was just before he got thrown off the side of the building (part of the game) it was his favourite part because he could see Venelope’s game, and he said “if that little kid likes me, how bad can I be?”

If the Lord Jesus Christ loves and accepts you and died a brutal death for you so you could be apart of the new man, the bride, the church, and his family and home……. How bad can you really be? The answer is, when you are in Christ, the word bad isn’t even in the dictionary.

Thank you Lord!

If you watched this film and saw some more sightings of Christ, please comment and share them below 🙂

Love you all!
Megan xx




Hello my lovlies! 🙂 

I’m back from getting married, and honeymooning and settling into our new home! What a picture of our Lord this chapter of my life has been. Will have to save it for another post.

I wanted to jump straight back into movie reviews! So here goes 🙂 


I recently saw Dwayne Johnson’s new movie “Snitch” but what I really saw was a beautiful unveiling of the Lords life and nature. Instead of giving a synopsis of the film, here is a link to the trailer.

I’d highly recommend that you watch the film and then read my review, as there are many spoiler alerts below….

I’m going to jump right in and share this sighting with you all.

The film starts with The son making one very poor choice which saw him fall straight into the hands of the law. The decision, and its consequences, happened so quickly that he barely had time to breathe and the law had grasped him. This is a picture of when Adam made the decision to take a bite from the tree if the knowledge of good and evil. As soon as he took a bite, the law had taken him prisoner. Once the law had him, he was trapped. The son in the movie was facing a minimum of 10 years, unfortunately for us, our sentence is much longer.

What was interesting about his arrest was that his friend, who had sent the drugs, set him up and told the police that he was a fellow dealer. By pointing the blame he reduced his minimum sentence and as such had no problem ratting out his innocent friend. When Adam and Eve were first found, they too, instantly pointed the blame to one another.

This is the reality of the law. The law has two options, be good or be evil. Our sinful nature is a selfish nature and we only have our own interests at heart. “I want to reduce MY sentence”

The law wanted the son to set up one of his other friends so that they too would be arrested thus resulting in a reduction of his minimum sentence. The son refused to create a situation that would lead his friends into a trap. This act was a beautiful reflection of the lords life and nature. He denied himself a shorter sentence and was willing to pay the full price. This is a picture of our innocent Lord. Who in an instant became Sin and was willing to pay the price in order to save the world. The Son in the movie was abused, assaulted and harassed in prison. His character was never broken.

As soon as the son was in trouble, the love that the father had for him boiled over into a bold, daring, risking plan of self sacrifice. The son was not able to make the arrests so the father said that he would do it for his son. This reminds me that whilst Christ was on the earth he only did what he saw the father doing. It was the father working through the son. In the character of the father in the film, I also saw the nature of Christ. That is, willingness to put your life on the line so that the one you love would be set free from the constraints of the law.

Anyway, the father formulated this amazing plan where he would leave his home and enter the dark world of drugs. Christ left his home and became apart of our world (sin). The father in the movie not only had to enter the drug world, he had to become apart of it. He literally put his life on the line by become a drug cartel. Christ put his life on the line and became sin itself. All of this had to be done so that the son would be freed from prison. Just as Christ had to sacrifice his life so that we would be free from the law and sin.

Freedom was not the only thing the father was fighting for in the film, you see, if the son was released he would live a different kind of life. A higher life with his family in a home. This reminds me that The Lord had a higher purpose for sacrificing his life for us. He wanted to set us free from the law, but he also desired for us to live a higher life. He wanted to place his divine life within us, he wanted us to be apart of his family, to dwell with us and love us freely.


The movie ends with the son being released – however, for their own safety they need to go into the witness protection program. They’re given a new house, new identity, and are protected 24/7. WOW! This blows my mind, it’s like The Lord is our very own witness protection program. IN him we are given a new life, IN him we are given new identities, IN him we are given a new home, IN him we are safe, we are secure, no harm can come our way. He has overcome the law, and its effects can no longer hold us down. In the movie, the father overcame the drug cartel, he was placed into witness protection thus ensuring his shelter from any one in the cartel who would want to seek revenge.

Our enemy is always looking to seek revenge, but he can’t single us out as individuals, he can’t harm us, we are in Christ (we are in the witness protection program). What an awesome Lord.


Love – Happy Valentines Day


Hello all you lovely people.

First things first – I’m really sorry that I haven’t blogged in a while. Now would be the best time to inform y’all that I’m getting married in just 2 weeks. So things have been a bit busy, and they will be until the end of March. So this will be my last post (unless prompted otherwise) until then.

Love is a very interesting thing, so in the spirit of Valentines day I wrote you all a poem about Love. My hope is that we will stop trying to force it, to create it, to use it as a means of measurement of our relationships to one another. And instead, we will turn to True Love Himself – Christ. I mean, if you think about it, love only comes through abiding in Him who is Love.

Hello, my name is love, you may already know me,
I’m a fruit of the spirit, and I come from the tree.
There are many other fruits – joy, peace patience and kindness,
And also some more like self control and just goodness.
We can be charming and we can be sweet,
But focus just on us and we will rot in your teeth.
Not many know this so I’ll tell you the truth,
There are two trees to eat of, so don’t be aloof.
You can’t try to force me, that’s not how I work.
I am a by-product of Christ – it is Him you should search.
If you try to love in your own strength you WILL fail.
Perfect love is Christ himself not in you – you’re too frail.
Many will tell you that you must love one another to grow,
But I, love itself, will tell you it’s not so.
When you focus on Christ and shift away from me,
Then you will love one another so effortlessly.
You will be tempted to eat just the fruit,
Although it seems “good” it’s not from the root.
Consume yourselves in The Lord Jesus Christ
And the love you will encounter will reach to new heights
My name is love and I hope you will see
What good is fruit when there is no tree?

The love of Archie and Love of Christ


I don’t know how many times I’ve seen the cover of this Archie comic. We have them lying all over our house. I was a bit down the other day, and just wanted to be reminded that Christ is there, that he is still king and no matter what the circumstances he doesn’t abandon us. 

Then I glanced down, and there it was – this Archie comic on the floor.

 I was brought to tears! I felt so incredibly loved and adored from our saviour.

 You see, the woman in the comic is Christ’s beautiful bride. Archie who is a picture of Christ on this cover, left his post (which was higher up) to rescue the woman. That is exactly what our Lord did for us. He left his home, his post and came down to Earth to rescue us from being lonely.

The sign of the Lifeguard is a cross. The cross is a symbol that they save lives. The colour of the cross is red. What a picture of how his blood shed on the cross rescued us!! Also, the name LifeGuard is just another beautiful name for Christ. He guards our lives. Not our old, tired lives, our new life which is found in him. He guards it so closely and protects it! WOW! (PS this sighting was only seen right now.. as I was typing this blog!!) 

 The Chief Lifeguard is a picture of the law and the enemy. He is not too happy about the fact that the Love of the Lord compelled him to leave his post, and wrap his arms around his beloved woman. That didn’t stop Archie and it certainly didn’t stop Christ.

 What a beautiful reminder of his compassion and love. Thank you lord for this beautiful gesture! 

I’d love to hear about your sightings of Christ in this very simple picture 🙂 

The Hedgehog


I’d like to start this post by saying a big thank you to Jamal Jivanjee for encouraging not only me, but also all of his blog readers, to watch this film. I’d definitely suggest that, if you have not yet done so already, you check out his blog here. Jamal recently asked me to review this film on his blog, which was a wonderful experience. I have also written a review below. I’d love for you to watch this film and share your insights below.

The Hedgehog is a French film that follows the story of eleven-year-old Paloma (Garance Le Guillermic). She is no ordinary eleven year old either. She sees the world for what it truly is – a giant fish bowl. We are born here, we grow up here, and we fend for ourselves here and eventually we end up belly turned up in the same mundane fish bowl.

Although Paloma came from a rich family she refused to let that define who she was. She made the decision that she was going end her life on her twelfth birthday. Death was a choice for Paloma not an inevitability. She was not afraid of dying. She welcomed it. To Paloma, the choice to die meant defying the world system. It meant that her background, her experiences, her knowledge and her family would play no role in shaping who she would eventually become one day.

Paloma is fascinated with art and philosophy and as her final project she decides to document the world around her using her fathers camcorder. She makes obvious observations about those in her direct circle. Some so blatantly point out the hypocrisy in the adults around her that one can’t help but smile and laugh.

However, when Paloma begins to document the life of her superintendent Renee Michel (Josiane Balasko) and her growing relationship with the new neighbour Kakuro Ozu (Togo Igawa) Paloma is challenged to re-think her pessimistic outlook towards the world.

I’d highly encourage that you to watch the film before you read further. The trailer can be seen here.

*******SPOILER ALERT********

The world is a dark, treacherous system and whether we like it or not we are born into it.  Paloma draws a strong similarity between our lives and the life of a goldfish in a bowl. Both are on show for those around to see, both have the ability to become mundane and boring, and whether you’re a human or a goldfish, you face a certain death. Paloma decides that she isn’t going to live her life in a fishbowl like everyone else; instead, she is going to take her life into her own hands and end it at the ripe age of twelve.

The world system represented in this film is also a parallel of the harsh religious system we see in so many of today’s churches. We have to act a certain way, we have to do certain works, and we have to meet certain expectations in order to even be acknowledged as a fish in the fishbowl. Interestingly, the only way out of either one of these systems is death.

The beautiful connection between Paloma and Madame Renee Michel is the fact that they both see the system for what it is. They recognize the façade that is played out in front of them daily. They also see that they don’t belong in this cookie cutter world. They are seen as “outcasts” and it is this connection that acts as the foundation for a quirky unique friendship. This is seen beautifully in the scene where Madame Michel takes the dress that she borrowed back to the drycleaner – except it had a stain on it. The lady at the drycleaner yelled at her for making a stain on the expensive dress. Paloma turns to Madame Michel and says “so, you also get into trouble for making stains.” This is such a picture of how we are so far from perfect, yet the world and religious system place these high expectations over our lives that we are set up just to fail.

The fishbowl theory is illustrated beautifully in the description Paloma gives to her father regarding differences between the game of Chess and the Japanese game of Go. Chess is a game where you fight to survive through the death of your opponent. Go, on the other hand, is an elegant and organic game and the focus is on producing life rather than killing to survive. Throughout the film we see different characters playing either one of the two games. In one scene, we see Paloma and Mr Ozu playing Go (a game that produces life) and in the very next scene we see a homeless man on the street playing Chess – the game of survival. We can fight to survive, or we can fight for life, however… according to Christ if we want to save our life, we need to lose it first. Ahh the paradoxes!!

There is an interesting scene where Paloma flips a flipbook illustrating her mother’s addiction to anti-depressant pills. I saw this as a beautiful picture of what we decide to sew into our lives that’s what we will reap. The flipbook shows a pill being planted, watered and eventually a plant full of pills growing. It’s a picture that her mother was feeding her depression by constantly consuming these pills. Christ calls us to partake of him; he is the grain of wheat that fell to the ground so that we could live. He died so that we could live. I’ll speak more about this later on…

I just love Paloma’s documentary that we see of the beginning of the relationship between Madame Michel and Mr Ozu. Madame Michel sees herself as being extremely low class and she is constantly putting herself down.

“I am a widow, I am short, ugly, and plump…I live alone with my cat, a big, lazy tom…neither he nor I make any effort to take part in the social doings of our respective species. Because I am rarely friendly – though always polite – I am not liked, but am tolerated nonetheless…”

When she said the above, I thought to myself, when I was involved in a religious relationship with Christ I saw myself as below perfect, just tolerated by Christ. However, when Mr Ozu enters her life, he treats her as an equal. He invites her into his home, he takes her out to dinner, he speaks to her like a human being – he sees her for who she really is, not how she perceives herself.

I just love how when Mr Oku invites Madame Michel out to dinner she politely declines by saying something along the lines of “I am your superintendent, not your neighbour” and Mr Oku replies, with a smile on his face, “Why can’t you have both qualities at once.” We are fallen human beings, yet Christ calls us to dine with him, as equals. WOW!

Their relationship is something extremely special, he admires her for who she is, not for what she does or says. She appreciates the fact that although Mr Oku comes from a rich family, he is different, he is normal, he also does not fit into the cookie cutter mould of the system. He abundantly gives gifts to Madame Michel expecting nothing in return. What a picture of our Christ and how he pours his life into us abundantly, yet he has no expectation for us work for his love and attention, he expects nothing in return, this is a selfless love. Mr Oku never forces himself towards Madame Michel, although it is clear that he desires to take their relationship to the next level. He makes this known by saying to Michel that “we can be friends and whatever we want” he repeats this twice. Our Lord doesn’t force himself on us. He is the perfect gentleman, longing for our love, but never forcing us into a relationship.

The morning after Mr Oku said this to Madame Michel, she wakes up in a strangely good mood. She is happy, maybe there is more to life than the mundane. She goes outside to remove the trash, and the homeless man from earlier is in the street. Madame Michel walks into the road to help move him off, and we are shocked when the dry-cleaning van hits Michel resulting in her death.

At one point in the film, Paloma feeds the goldfish one of her mothers anti-depressents. Within seconds, the fish is floating belly upwards. Paloma is planning on over-dosing on her mothers pills when she ends her life on her twelfth birthday. The death of the fish is extremely symbolic as it acts a shadow of what is to come. She flushes the fish down the toilet and forgets about him.

After Madame Michel’s death Paloma finds that her goldfish actually survived the anti-depressant. Madame Michel found the fish in her toilet and kept him in a different bowl. This is a really nice picture of the fact that a common goldfish who also seemed bored by the mundane, managed to hold onto his life and survive the inevitable.

Now for the most profound and astounding line of the entire film – this line has changed the way I feel about Christ and the way I see how he feel about me forever. This line gave me an astounding revelation of the 100% pure, raw love that Christ has for us and that we should have for him.

“What matters isn’t the fact of dying or when you die. It’s what you’re doing at that precise moment. So Renee, what where you doing at the time of your death?

…………You were ready to love”

WOW! Now think about the precise moment on the bloody cross that Christ is hanging, the moment just as he passes from life into death, what was he doing? He was ready to love. He was ready to love his PERFECT bride. He died to be with her, my pathetic use of words fails me as I try to convey this type of love that I have seen.

I also saw the fact that before we can love Christ, he commands us to lose our lives, to die. I have never thought of it in this way before:

“Lord Jesus, I am ready to love you, I am ready to love you the way that you love me, unfailing, never-ending and whole-heartedly. I am ready to die, I am willing to die, to lose everything that I “think” I hold dear for the sole purpose of loving you” These are not just words any more to me, this is a profound reality. I have never felt more ready to love to Christ, more happy to lose my life so that I can love him without hindrance or distraction.”

“We love because he first loved us” – 1 John 4:19

Megan x



I’m not a fan of politics in real life or in movies. I’m also not a fan of movies that get my heart racing too much. Argo, therefore, was not a movie that I would normally be interested in. But a friend suggested it, so we watched it. Whilst I was watching it, I was so engrossed in the story and how I didn’t like it – that I didn’t see Christ at all. It was only when I got home and said to the Lord, man where were you amongst all of that? Boy, did he show me.

As usual, a bit of context about the story…

On November 4 1979 Iranian militants storm the US embassy in Iran. Over 50 people are taken hostage, however six Americans managed to escape and hide in the home of Canadian Ambassador, Ken Taylor (Victor Garber). Their escape was kept a secret and the American CIA explored several options for their rescue. Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck) is brought onto the case. He was inspired with an extraction idea when he was watching a sci-fi film with his son. He plans to create a cover story that the escapees are Canadian filmmakers, scouting “exotic” locations in Iran for the making of a sci-fi film.

The film follows Tony as he goes to Hollywood, devises a fake film and then poses as a producer for Argo when he enters Iran, putting himself in dangers way, to save the six Americans. The Iranian people discover that there are six people missing, and the price on their heads is certain death. This creates even more danger as almost every hostile Iranian was on the lookout for “Americans.” Being a part of a Canadian film crew, the six Americans need to quickly learn their new identities in order to successfully get through airport security. The trailer for this film can be seen here.

Now for the sighting…

Okay, so this was based on a true story; but I’m not talking about the one that happened over 30 years ago. I’m talking about the one that happened roughly 2000 years ago – Christ’s story.

As you know, there were six American hostages. The number six represents man – as man was created on the sixth day. The six Americans were trapped in Iran. Iran in this film is a picture of the world system. The evil one has dominion over the world just as the Iranian people were calling the shots in Iran at that time. We aren’t welcome in this world – especially being partakers of the Lord’s divine nature. The enemy greatly opposes us for being in His world – yet citizens of another. We, just like the Americans, are hostages in this world, and just like the six Americans, our penalty that awaits us is certain death.

The Americans were hiding in the Canadian Ambassador’s house. The Canadian Ambassador, Ken Taylor, is a picture of the church (not a physical building!) I say this, because we can take refuge in Her, and in her (the Church and the Body) Christ is found and Christ is our true refuge and safety. We can abide in Him in this dark, evil world.

The American CIA decided to send one of their own into Iran. Tony Mendez went into Iran and put himself in danger purely to save the lives of the six Americans.  He left everything behind, his family, his house, his country and his safety just so he could save the lives of the Americans. This is a picture of how the Lord left His home to come to the world and pay the price to return us back to Him.

Tony is a picture of Christ (the head). He had a plan to get the Americans out of Iran, or should I say the World and the Old Man, and return them to America. This plan was called Argo. To America, the six hostages were precious. They wanted them back, returned to their real home. This is a picture of how we are not from this world. It is also a picture of how our Lord is desperate for us to return to our real “home” which is Himself.

Tony went to Iran with a plan. The only way this plan was going to work was if the six hostages completely lost their old identity. There could be no trace of who they really were. The reason for this is that their old identities meant certain death. We were born into the Adamic race. This means that we were born sinners. Even if we never to sinned a day in our lives, we would still be deemed sinners. The fact that we sin is a reminder that we ARE ALREADY sinners. Not the other way around. These hostages had done nothing wrong (they were innocent human beings). Yet, there was a hefty price on all of their heads – death. Tony came to redeem them.

The hostages had to accept their new identity that Tony (Christ) gave them. We have been given a new identity in Christ, but the only way we can obtain it is if we completely lose our old identity. Our old man needs to die whole-heartedly. What is interesting is that Tony also lost his identity. He changed his name to Kevin and he became the seventh man. Seven is God’s number – it is a holy number. He completed them. Christ looks different today than he did when we walked the earth. He too, lost his old identity and took up a new one – a bigger one. One that included us! The Americans had to work together for their new identities to work. The plan would only work if each member functioned in his or her new identity. Our wonderful Lord has a plan, but it will only work if we completely drown ourselves in our new identity, which is found in Him.

Tony’s plan was risky. The Americans had to have faith in him that he would do what he said he came to do. To follow Christ is extremely risky. To give up everything such as your hopes, your dreams, your desires and your (old) IDENTITY. To follow Christ can be extremely daunting. Yet just like the hostages, if we don’t have the faith and follow him, we will surely be executed.

Tony prepared the six Americans so that they would know who they really were. The reason for this was because on the way home, there would be people who were going to attack their identity. They had to have grounding and a foundation in their new identity in order to withstand the enemy. The opposer will surely attack us from every angle. But if we have a strong foundation of our true identity, which is found in Christ, we will walk through unharmed. We are hidden in Christ.

Tony was in Iran for three days. Just like the Lord was dead for three days. Christ entered into death so that he could bring forth life. Tony also walked into death (Iran) and saved the lives of the six American hostages.

Now for my favorite part, this film was based on a true story. BUT this story was classified information until 1981 when it was declassified. What the Lord really did for us when he entered into death was a mystery kept for ages past. But, He has revealed to us his mystery. We now know exactly what he did for us when he gave up his life for us.

It wasn’t purely for redemption.

Yes, it included our forgiveness, but is also included the complete destruction of the old man and the enemy.

He triumphed over the law, rulers and authorities when he died.

His death included completely destroying the world system that holds us captive.

And through the triumph of all of the above, there is now NOTHING standing in between his perfect bride and Him. He can now have a body to express Him, a bride to love Him, a house to lay His head and rest and a family for Him to enjoy.

“And he made known to us the mystery of his will according to his good pleasure, which he purposed in Christ…” – Ephesians 1:9

What a knight in shining armor!

Megan x

Purpose according to Agent Smith

The Matrix – one of THE BEST films to see Christ. I could write a book about it. But I’d like to focus on one particular scene from The Matrix Reloaded. It’s about 30 seconds long, yet this scene hits the nail on the head. Why are we here? What is the reason for our existence? The answer? Purpose!! Not just any old purpose. His purpose, and His purpose is like Him – it’s eternal.

Agent Smith: There is no escaping reason; no denying purpose. Because as we both know, without purpose, we would not exist.
[Several Agent Smith Clones walk in]
Agent Smith Clone 1: It is purpose that created us.
Agent Smith Clone 2: Purpose that connects us.
Agent Smith Clone 3: Purpose that pulls us.
Agent Smith Clone 4: That guides us.
Agent Smith Clone 5: That drives us.
Agent Smith Clone 6: It is purpose that defines us.
Agent Smith Clone 7: Purpose that binds us.
Agent Smith: We are here because of you, Mr Anderson. We’re here to take from you what you tried to take from us.
Agent Smith: Purpose.

Wow! I am still trying to comprehend that there is an eternal “purpose”. We are only here because of His purpose. Without the eternal purpose, we would not exist! It never crossed my mind that there is more to life than “saving people.”  We weren’t created to put on fancy clothes and sit in a building for an hour once a week listening to a Sermon on how we can be better Christians. Crazy right? Stop to think for a moment, why oh why did this almighty God create the Human Race? Why oh why does He care about us so much? There MUST have been a REASON he created us! He must have had a PURPOSE in His creating……..

It is His purpose that created us – if he didn’t have a purpose or a plan, there would be no need for us at all! Just as Adam yearned for another one like himself, Christ longed for a Bride and an expression.

It is His purpose that connects us. When we get together and we meet, it’s for His purpose only! Not our own agenda. It’s all for Him, through Him, by Him and for Him. Even the eternal purpose has a purpose and as Ephesians says this is “purposed in Christ!”

His purpose pulls us together. We are instinctively drawn together for we share in His purpose. We were created to be His beautiful Church. We are His bride, His house, His family and His body. He wants an expression and we were created to express Him. His purpose guides us while we are here on Earth. His purpose extends beyond our time on Earth; it exists before time, during time and even after time. We don’t look to the world for guidance; instead, we look to our King. For when we look to Him for guidance, we put Him in His rightful place – as head. He is the head of His body, which is His Church.

Christ keeps us going, we grow strong in Him. When we meet, it is for Him. He defines our very existence. We are bound to Christ. Christ lives in all of us, and we are bound to one another because of Him. It is His life in us that draws us close to one another.

Just as Agent Smith was trying to take away Neo’s purpose, the enemy will try to desperately take away ours. He will do anything to take our eyes off of Christ’s purpose.  For when we focus on other “things” we lose sight of His purpose.

Without His purpose we wouldn’t have been created, we can’t be connected, we aren’t pulled together, we have no guidance or drive, we have no definition and we are certainly not bound together.

For His purpose,

Megan x

A Walk in the Clouds

This is an old (1995) movie that I saw for the first time recently. I will probably say this about every film that I write about.. But it was a beautiful picture of the Lord, in particular, His undying love for us.

The story is about a young man called Paul (Keanu Reeves) who returns from the war to reunite with his wife Betty (Debra Messing). Betty has decided that she longs and desires for material things and money. Betty persuades Paul to continue with this career forcing him to go to Sacramento. On the way, he meets Victoria Aragon (Angelica Aragon) whose Mexican family owns a vineyard. She is unmarried and pregnant with her professor’s child. Paul offers to stand in as her husband and then “abandon” her the next day.

Paul’s plan to slip away the following morning is derailed when Victoria’s grandfather encourages Paul to stay and help the family with the harvest. He and Victoria attempt to ignore the flame that is sparking between them. Paul’s righteousness prompts him to return back to his wife Betty and attempt to restore their marriage. When he returns home, he discovers Betty with another man. Their marriage is annulled and Paul returns to Victoria to ask for her hand in marriage.

When he returns, he is not welcomed by Victoria’s father. He is drunk and furious and attempts to fight Paul. The result of this is a disastrous fire which leads to the whole vineyard being burnt down. The whole ordeal sheds light to Victoria’s father – he realised his errors. Her father accepts Paul and with the “new root” the family begin to replant and rebuild their vineyard – with their newest family member Paul.

The trailer can be seen here

Okay, so I’ll jump right into the sighting of the Lord in this beautiful romantic film 


Paul wrote to his wife Betty every single day whilst he was at war. This is a picture of how we, the church, the bride, are always on the Lord’s heart. He loves us, and He is communicating with us daily. He is telling us about His grand plan; He is sharing with us how much He loves us! Betty was only concerned with money and material “things.” We can get so caught up in the world system and our desire for material things that we can completely miss the fact that our bridegroom loves and adores us perfectly – just the way we are. And that in Him, we have everything that we will ever need!

Paul was an honourable husband, and in His love for his bride set off to Sacramento to sell chocolates. En route, he had his first encounter with Victoria, who we soon see should be his true “bride.” She was far from perfect. She was pregnant with another mans child, she was sick on him on the train, she ended up getting him kicked off of the bus because he defended her from two encroaching lustrous men.  What a picture of our Lord. We are far from perfect, in fact, we are the opposite of perfect, yet He will defend us all day every day, no matter what our circumstance or situation!

Paul agreed to step in as Victoria’s husband so that she wouldn’t look bad in front of her family. This is a picture of the Lords first miracle (when he turned water into wine). The purpose of this miracle was to remove the shame from the groom in front of his guests. Similarly, Paul stepped in to remove Victoria’s shame from her family. Both of these examples are shadows of the reality that the Lord has ALREADY removed our shame! Hallelujah!

Everything that Victoria had to offer was a desire of Paul’s. He grew up in an orphanage, and longed desperately for a family. Victoria was carrying life inside of her and she was surrounded with her family members. He longed for a wife that loved and adored him as much as he loved her. He saw that he could have this with Victoria. But he was bound by the law of marriage. Betty is a picture of the Law and how the Law restricts us from loving the Lord freely. We were under the Law and it had to be removed in order that we could enter into a free relationship with Christ. This is just like Paul and Betty; they had to annul their marriage (remove the “Law”) in order for Victoria and Paul to be together.

Victoria’s father is a picture of the old man. He was extremely traditional and bound by his family traditions and roots. He demonstrated his “love” to his family by means of his works in the fields. This is a picture of the old covenant. We could not freely love the father, we had to perform rituals, sacrifices and above all, keep the Law in order to demonstrate our Love for Him. Paul frequently got into arguments with Victoria’s father pleading for her innocence. He says “I know that she is good and strong and deserves all the love this world has to give. Can’t you see that, how wonderful, how special she is?”…”She’s like the air to me” he also says “Why can’t you just love her? She’s so easy to love”. WOW. It’s like the Lord is talking about his perfect bride, declaring how she deserves His love, how He adores her and how He finds her so easy to love! It’s beautiful!! (See Ephesians 5:25).

The entire vineyard was grown from a single root that had been in the family since the beginning. This is a picture of how the Lord is our root and when we plant Him, our vineyard will grow. He produces the fruit and the wine which unites the family (His Church and Body) all we need to do is plant him deep within ourselves and allow Him to manifest and grow. The family come together to harvest the grapes. They help one another and it is a time for celebration. May the Lord be the vine that roots us and unites us! He himself is a massive cause for celebration.

The celebration of the harvest called for the grapes to be crushed in order to make wine. The grapes had to die in order for the family to produce the wine. Just like the Lord had to die so we could be made “new”. This is the point in the film where Victoria and Paul realize that they have strong feelings towards each other. But Paul couldn’t be with her because he was In the Law of Marriage.

His honour prompted him to return to Betty to try and work things out. On his way home, he catches a ride and the driver says to him “Welcome back to Earth”. The vineyard where Victoria’s family was from was like being “in the clouds”. It’s a picture of how the Lord came to Earth to abolish the Law. When Paul got home, Betty was with another man. They ended their marriage that day. This is such a powerful picture of how the Lord did everything in His power to restore His fallen bride back to Himself. He sent the flood, He tried prophets, He tried a king and He tried a temple. He then went all in and came Himself (Welcome back to Earth) and he physically fulfilled the Law. The only way that Paul could be with Victoria, was if he got rid of the old. (Betty is also a picture of the Old man)

Paul could finally be with Victoria – his “new” bride. This is a picture of how we were once in Betty (selfish, under the law, earthly desires, incapable of loving the Lord the way He loved us) but because of the work of the cross, we have become the perfect bride which is Victoria (the Church, free from the Law, only desires what He desires, returning His perfect Love back to Him).

When Paul returns to Victoria, her father (the old man) is highly opposed. The father and Paul get into a big fight; this is a picture of how the old man can be extremely resistant to change – he is truly stuck in his “old” ways. Her father throws his lantern which results in a massive fire that rips through the vineyard and destroys everything in its path.  The vineyard stood as a symbol of their family’s history and it was destroyed overnight. Again, a powerful picture of how our entire history (in Adam) wad destroyed because of a single incident (the cross). The following day (a NEW day), Paul (Christ) walks through what’s left of the vineyard, the ashes and death, and finds the original vine that was planted. He pulls it out and finds that it still contains life.

The fire, which is a picture of death, brings Victoria’s father to his knees. His mindset of what it means to love his family is renewed and he begs his family to teach him how to love them, not through his works, but through his heart. What a picture of a renewed spirit. We no longer have to strive and work daily to earn His love – he gives it to us freely.

The family replants the root and Victoria’s grandfather says to Paul:

“This is the root of your life, the root of your family; you are bound to this land and to this family by commitment, by honour and by love”

Christ is the root – he is the root of our lives, of our family (spiritual family), He is the land to which we are bound to, and it is all through His commitment to us and ours to His, His incredible honour of sacrifice and most importantly by His LOVE.

Thank you Lord that you have crafted the most perfectly, beautiful Love story and that we are your Bride, your Victoria.

Megan x